1, Please note that If the total amount of payment is over $600(USD), the customer is required to contact our custom service before sending the money in case failed payment.

2, For all orders, prepayment is required.

3, glassess79.ru will accept payments for purchases in the form of credit card and WESTERN UNION

Credit Card:


Orders are authorized for payment when submitted online and your order will not be charged until it ships out of our warehouse. Authorizations freeze up the dollar amount from your account, in order to ensure that these funds are available when glassess79.ru charges after the order ships.

Please make sure that your billing information submitted to glassess79.ru corresponds to the address where your credit card statements are received. This address should also be the same address that your credit card company has on file. If you are not sure of your correct billing address, please contact your credit card company for details. Billing and identity information submitted to glassess79.ru that is inaccurate will delay the shipment of your order.


Western Union is one of the fastest ways to transfer money worldwide. With its cheaper and convenient office locations, we accept this payment method. You can also use credit card to do transfer with Western Union. You can simply click http://www.westernunion.com and you can finish the whole process online.

After payment, please Email me the MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number), and the First name and Last name of the sender,and your order number,thanks!