How To Use A Reading Glasses Eye Chart Gold Wood Sunglasses

Finding the right power for your reading glasses just got a whole Gold Wood Sunglasses lot easier. It used to be that people would put on any pair of readers, not paying attention to which power they need, and use their arm as an auto focuser.Have you ever noticed someone at the restaurant struggling to see the menu? They pull out a pair of glasses to ease their eyes. But two seconds later, grab the candle to help them see even better. Then move their arm back and forth as an auto focuser. This person is not wearing the proper correction in their reading glasses.So how do you avoid this situation? Simple, understand how readers work and what power you need to see that menu. The first thing to understand is that higher power readers work great to magnify the little print. However, the higher the power in your readers, the less range of focus you will have.The second thing to understand is the role that lighting plays in your vision. Good lighting can mean the difference between a +1.50 and a +2.00. What does this mean for you? If you have a good lamp at your side when reading the paper, a +1.50 will allow you to scan the entire paper better. However, if your lighting is dim you may need a +2.00 reader. A little tip for all you reading glass wearers: If you carry a pair with you to go the restaurants or shopping, get a power Gold Wood Sunglasses slightly stronger than you normally wear. This will allow you to see those tiny price tags, read ingredient labels, and see that menu.One other thing to understand about reading glasses is that they are completely safe for your eyes and you really can't mess this up too bad. If you get the wrong power, they simply won't work as well for you and your needs. But wouldn't it be wiser to get the right lens correction to begin with?Reading glasses come in plus powers. They will range from +1.00 to +3.00, pronounced plus one. A +1.50 is pronounced as plus one fifty, and so on. A lower number depicts a lower the magnification and of course the higher the number, the greater the magnification.The easiest way to figure the exact power you should be wearing is view a near vision eye chart. Eye charts are widely available online, one can be found at this eye chart has text of a specific size. Simply hold the chart at your comfortable reading distance. Looking at the text, which is the smallest line you can see clearly? To the side of that text will be a reading glass power. That is all there is to it. That power is the power you should have in your reading correction.


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