Buying Prescription Glasses Based On Facial Shape TODS Sunglasses

When purchasing prescription glasses, one wants to get the best value for money. Yes, there are numerous optical shops in malls and high street districts but finding quality eyewear at a discounted price is easier said than done. When looking to buy eyeglasses and sunglasses, the best place to shop is online. Searching for the suitable eyewear is quick and one can easily jump from one page to another instead of having to travel from store to store.Online eyewear stores have a wide range of styles, colours, and brands to choose from. Before buying online, be sure to select a trustworthy vendor. Reading customer reviews, going through the website pages, and contacting a customer service representative either through email, chat, or over the phone can be done prior to placing an order. Look for professionalism and note how long it takes for them to answer your enquiry. Almost everyone has a copy of the latest eye examination test. This is needed TODS Sunglasses before one can purchase a prescription eyewear online. Most web stores have boxes where the prescription details can be entered by the customer. Others accept forwarding the prescription copy through fax or scanned copy attached through email.Once the latest prescription is on hand, choose the appropriate frame. In the store, one can easily try on numerous eyeglasses frames. This is not really possible online although there are web stores where one can try on frames virtually. All this takes is uploading a photo usually in BMP, JPG or PNG format and then trying on different frames online. Another way is by taking into account the shape of the face. There are simple rules to follow in order to determine the most flattering frame for any facial shape. An oval face is considered the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. In this type, the cheekbones are high while the chin is a bit narrower compared to the forehead. Most frames work well with oval faces. A rounded face looks best using a rectangular frame to make it appear longer and thinner. Angular and geometric frames can help sharpen the round facial features to balance it out. These angular or squared off frames take the focus away from the chubbiness of the face.Oblong faces have a narrow shape, long straight cheek line, tall forehead, and a longer nose. Suitable frames to help create a shorter face include broad glasses and glasses with low bridge to shorten the nose. Diamond faces are narrow at the eye line and the jaw line. The small forehead and small chin benefit from oval frames that maintain balance. Rimless frames can also be worn to allow the cheek bones to stand out. Heart faces have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a small chin. Narrow and round frames help tone down the wide forehead while bottom heavy frames can add width to the lower face.A triangular face has a very wide top third and a narrow bottom third. So to balance it out, frames that are wider at the bottom and rimless frame styles are best.A square face has a strong jaw, broad forehead, and square chin. Wearing slightly curved or circular frames can take away some of the angles of the face.Along with the suitable frame for the shape of the face, TODS Sunglasses frame colour is also an enhancing feature. There are various colours and combinations to choose from. The easiest way is to find a colour that blends with the skin tone. People have either cool or warm colouring. People with cool undertones often appear red or rosy skinned while those with warm undertones have olive, bronze, or yellow cast. Best frame colours for warm undertones are white, beige, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, red, aqua, and coral. Cool colouring looks best with black, bluish gray, magenta, amber, plum, jade, and silver frames. It is definitely easier to get the appropriate frame and pay less for it by buying online. Whether looking for generic prescription glasses, cheap designer glasses, or discounted designer prescription sunglasses, the best place to look is on the web.


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